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In an overly-saturated music industry filled with artists who all look and sound alike, one artist’s eclectic sound and style is sure to be a welcoming surprise to your ears. She combines the elements of rhythm and blues, funk, soul, and rock, to introduce a new genre, referred to as “Abstract Soul”.

Born in Connecticut, but raised in Newport News, VA; BMI recording artist “Siquoyia Blue” has had a passion for singing since age six. She has performed in countless events all over the Southeast region of the U.S. Her influences which can be heard throughout her first album “Limitless” are music greats Bill Withers, Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, and Amy Winehouse. She describes her music as being “free, alive, spirited, and uninhibited”.

“Siquoyia Blue” currently resides in Los Angeles where she is active as a singer, actress, model, and activist. She is also working on completing her EP to be released later this year, titled “Black Smoke”.

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